Your Astrological birth chart is the Divine Blueprint of your Souls Journey in this life time.

It is your personal mandala of destiny, describing the lessons and blessings, challenges and talents you chose to incarnate with.

Understanding your birth chart and the transits and activations that are affecting you currently can bring peace, clarity, resolution and direction to your life. Getting acquainted with your chart can help you to know yourself on a deep level, encouraging self-love and self-acceptance whilst making you aware of any areas of resistance where the flow of healing, love or abundance has become blocked or restricted.

An astrological reading can act as a kind of Soul Retrival experince, helping you to recognise and intergate many different aspects of yourself, leading you back towards wholeness and soverignity.

A comprehensive birth chart reading can help you realise your full potential and reconnect you to your purpose. Your birthchart is a map of your souls evolutionary intentions, helping you to see the steps to take to actualise your destiny and manifest your visions.

When someone books a reading with me, energetic connection between us begins. I limit myself to one reading per day to preserve the sacredness of this sharing of information, and because the intense nature of this work requires me too! I consider it a great honour and privilege to hold space for people to get reacquainted with their own authentic self and to recognise their own divinity.

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