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~ Libra Full Moon, 19th of April ~

Here comes the second Libra Full Moon of the Spring Season! Traditionally this Eostre week Lunation is referred to as the ‘Pink’ or ‘Hare’ Moon, although this year offers us a very special ‘Blue Moon’ vibration, being the second consecutive Full Moon in the same sign.

Typically, the Libran Moon energies are soft, harmonious and romantic, calling us to open our hearts and to new love. However, this critical degree Moon will sit in opposition to Uranus the Storm Goddess in Taurus, and in challenging square to the Current Saturn/Pluto/South Node alignment in Capricorn, indicating another period of upheaval in our relationships, collaborations, family ties and work alliances. Lady Justice wields her sword of truth once more, asking us to cut free from all that is not serving our soul, or allowing us to authentically express ourselves.

This Moon powerfully illuminates the karmic and ancestral patterns that are playing out in our relationships, inviting us to look at the threads that bind us through generations and lifetimes. This is a time of seeing the harsh truth of our allegiances and energetic investments, as Lady Libra lifts Her scales of balance asking us to ensure our partnerships are held in perfect equilibrium. What deep soul lessons are being reflected to you through your relationships at this time? Libra reminds us that our interactions with each other are designed to awaken us to what needs healing within us. They are

Are you giving more than you allow yourself to receive? Are your relationships mirroring your growth? Or keeping you stuck in the old self? Do you put the happiness of others before your own? If so, why do you feel the needs of others are more important? Perhaps you define yourself through your relationships? As we evolve into a new way of being we may find ourselves out growing alliances that were once comfortable and familiar.

The ruler of this Lunation is Venus in Pisces, Aphrodite Herself, sat upon the final degree of the Zodiac, calling us to heal the deep wounds of the heart with the balm of unconditional love. Venus in Pisces reminds us of the agony and ecstasy of living with our hearts open. She teaches us that we cannot close our hearts to pain, without also closing them to pleasure and beauty. This is a time of washing ourselves clean of bitterness, resentments and guilt as Venus prepares to begin a new cycle when She heads in to Aries on the 20th of April, bringing with Her a rebirth of passion and potential for exciting new encounters.

Mercury the messenger, now free of Her retrograde shadow and conjunct Chiron the Shaman in Aries reminds us each trigger is a key that unlocks the door to a new level of understanding. How many of your emotional reactions are rooted in past experiences? How can we empower ourselves to choose to view our pain as a teacher, not a punishment?

With Sol sliding in Taurus and Luna diving into Scorpio just hours after the Full Moon, this is a time of bringing closure to the energies of soul cleansing and rebalancing we have been working with since March and preparing to enter fresh frequency.

Our attention will slowly begin to turn to the Earthly vibration of the Cosmic Bull, where we will begin to align the physical, tangible, aspects of our lives ~ our resources, values and wealth with the New Paradigm that is emerging. It is time to ground ourselves in self-love!

Many Blessings <3

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