16th of October, 12pm GMT


“Lady, empower me to take make the necessary changes in my life. Let me sever the ties that bind me to the old reality so I may walk with integrity into the future. I step into my purpose, using my unique gifts in service to help co-create the New Earth.”

On the 16th of October, the traditionally romantic and harmonising Libra New Moon will form a tense T-square aspect between Mars in Aries and Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter in Capricorn, amplifying the current cosmic intensity.

With many souls feeling exhausted from the weight of the global situation, this Lunation invites us to find the courage to keep moving forward and making choices that are in alignment with our own soul, reminding us that we are the change makers, the revolutionaries and key holders of the New Paradigm.

As themes of freedom vs. restriction and fairness vs. tyranny continue to arise in the collective, it is important for us to address the inequality in our own lives and relationships. Where are we unwilling to compromise? Where are we giving more that we are receiving? How can we maintain balance and unity in our hearts despite holding conflicting opinions and desires?

With Mercuria stationing retrograde in opposition to Urainia, it’s time to examine how we are restricting/imprisoning ourselves by trying to stay stuck in on old reality instead of expanding into a new one? We must start to accept that things will not be going back to ‘normal.’ This transitory period can be as painful or as liberating as we choose.

Where are we playing out the same old patterns of victimisation and self-sabotage? This a time of radical self-inventory that forces us to address where we are allowing ourselves to be drained and disempowered or investing time and energy into dead relationships and projects.

The Ruler of this Lunation is Lady Venus in Virgo, sitting in trine to Jupiter and opposition to nebulous Neptune in Pisces, reminding us that expansion and abundance can only flow when we are willing to surrender to a higher power and offer ourselves in service.


What we do makes a difference.

The New Moon sits in conjunction with Spica, the Goddess Star. Spica is a bright blue Star, sitting in the sheaf of wheat in the constellation of Virgo. To ancient Astrologers, Spica is one of the most magical stars, bringing spiritual sustenance and realignment.

In this circle we will work with Astrological discussions, energy transmissions, Goddess mythology and journal reflections to support your journey of healing.

The Practical details ~

*Upon signing up for this circle, you will receive a link to our online Zoom Meeting which will take place at 12pm UK time Friday the 16th of October. If you can’t be there in person, the recording will be available.

* Due to the unprecedented and uncertain times we are moving through, this circle we be donation based. The suggested offering is £7, but any amount is gratefully received. If you need a full concession, message me and I will send you the link. All are welcome.

When sending payment, please state the name of the Facebook account or email address you would like to receive the link to if we aren’t already connected.

Much love, Maria