Full Moon


1st of September, 12pm GMT


"Lady, cleanse my mind, body and soul with your unconditional love. I surrender to you all that weighs heavy upon my heart. In your primordial waters I am washed clean and born anew."

On September the 1st/2nd we have a cleansing Full Moon in the sign of the Celestial Fish Mother. This Pisces/Virgo axis Full Moon is one of soul purification, asking us to clear our mind, body and emotional field of all that we wish to release before we move through the equinox gateway.

How can we create balance between Virgos need to fix, organise and perfect, with the Piscean call to surrender and acceptance?

Pisces, Goddess of the starry void of dissolution, gives us the opportunity to release the grief and heaviness that we are feeling as we hold space for the pain and suffering we are witnessing in the collective. Ceres, the Mother Goddess asteroid sits next to this lunation, teaching us that we can only truly heal when we learn to let go.

This powerful harvest Moon brings to fruition the work we have been putting into manifesting our dreams since the beginning of this extraordinary year. It is interesting to note that the current global crisis began to reach its peak around the time of the Pisces New Moon in February this year. How has your life transformed over the last six months? Perhaps your vision has adjusted as you rediscovered what has true value and meaning?

At the time of this Lunation, Lady Venus will be sitting in opposition to Saturn in Capricorn, encouraging us to create balance between our desire for comfort and the harsh reality of current circumstances. Supportive Earth Trines forming between Mercury in Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn, and Sol and Uranus invite us to ground our ideas and inspirations with practical action.

All the while, Mars the Warrioress creeps ever closer to Her retrograde station on 9/9. Shining brightly in the early Autumn sky like a blood red Ruby crystal, She beckons us to root, ground and anchor ourselves in preparation for the changes that are coming as we move into the final months of 2020.

In this circle we will work with Astrological discussions, energy transmissions, Goddess mythology and journal reflections to support your journey of healing.

The Practical details ~

*Upon signing up for this circle, you will receive a link to our online Zoom Meeting which will take place at 12pm UK time on Tuesday the 1st of September. If you can’t be there in person, the recording will be available.

* Due to the unprecedented and uncertain times we are moving through, this circle we be donation based. The suggested offering is £7, but any amount is gratefully received. If you need a full concession, message me and I will send you the link. All are welcome.


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Much love, Maria

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