Through the Glastonbury Goddess Temple, Glastonbury UK

In 2021 available as an online course

In this Two Spiral, Two Year training we will enter the Silver Spiral of the Cosmic Mother.

We will sit in Her celestial womb, suspended between worlds as we reclaim the lost fragments of our soul, heal the wounds of the past and embrace our fullest expression of self. We will walk the land as our astrologer/astronomer ancestors did, tracking the pathways of the constellations, connecting with the ancient Star Mother who is older than time itself.

During this course you will learn how to read and actualize your own birth chart, and that of others. Through discussion, meditation and ceremony you will discover how to understand and embody the 12 divine feminine archetypes of the Astrological wheel and apply your understanding in practical ways. You will receive written files, techniques and resources that you will be able to refer to as needed.

Through the gift of Astrology we will come to know our true soul essence. We see the karmic web we have woven through this incarnation and many others. We will remember who we were, who we are and who we can be.

To become a Priestess/Priest of the Stars is to stare into the starry black obsidian void unafraid of transformation. It is to be able to continually die to the old self and to be renewed, just as galaxies collide and birth new life. It is to be one who recognises that life is a constant dance of destruction and creation, endings and beginnings.